Affordable Bounce House Rentals NWA

Spring time is best time to begin booking your Bounce House Party rentals for Northwest Arkansas. We currently offer a large selection, so don't miss out by delaying your reservation. Rest assured our inventory of bounce house rentals for the NWA area will increase next year. We are just starting out in your area and are very excited to begin helping to make your parties a success. Things Available Include:

  • Dunk Tank Rentals
  • Water Slide Rentals
  • Obstacle Course Rentals
  • SnowCone and Cotton Candy Machine Rentals
  • Combo Jumpers with Slides
  • Generator Rentals
  • Bounce House Rentals
  • Joust Arena Rentals
Many more possibilities to come as the demand increases, so will our selection of Inflatable Rentals in Northwest Arkansas.
If you would like to see what kinds of things to look forward to, check out our affiliate in Kansas City at http://www.moonbouncekc.com.
We feel confident that will be able to bring the best party rental experience to Northwest Arkansas just as we have in Kansas City.

Inflatable Rentals are very popular to have at all kinds of parties and events. Festival goers love to see giant inflatables to help entertain the kids. Corporate events, Church functions, and School Carnivals & Fun Days are some of our biggest events. Our inflatable rentals are commercial grade ONLY. We will never rent out a substandard quality bounce house or inflatable game. You will never have to worry about a light duty nylon bouncey house showing up at your party when you rent from us. Our prices are set to be competitive based on the going rates in your area. These prices will vary throughout the year based on the season. We also offer specials from time to time that may help to save you some money. Police, Fire, Military (vets), & Nurses all receive an easy 10% your reservation. Just use the indicated coupon code on the front page while you are checking out. During the course of entering your reservation information you'll see the location to enter the Coupon Code on the second page under Event Info. Many customers are Tax Exempt, so we have a tax exemption selector as well that you'll notice on the same page. This is exclusively reserved for Non-Profit Companies. Simply enter your Tax Exemption ID number in the customer comments so we have for our record.

Bounce House Party Rentals have never been more popular. The midwest is booming with opportunity, the economy is holding up pretty well, and the weather this year has been so nice. Its great to get outside and have a big party with some Giant Inflatable Party Rental items.

We are currently open and accepting reservations for winter time bounce house rental parties for indoor venues. Please check with your area community centers, YMCA, School and Churches, you may be able to rent their gym for a small fee.  We are insured and can provide them with Certificate of Insurance. If needed please indicate the company information needed for the Insurance Cert, along with email for a contact person at that office. We provide this free of charge to our valued customers.

Bounce House Party Rentals are a huge hit lately, I'm sure the momentum isnt going to slow down any time soon. Don't hesitate to make your party bounce rental reservation, our weekends really do fill up quickly.  We have several very nice Bounce House and Slide Otions for rental in the Bentonville, Rogers, Fayetteville area. Northwest Arkansas is really taking off and we are proud to be able to provide our exceptional party rental service to the NWA area.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call and ask about our bounce house rental options. Inflatable rentals are a great option for kids parties, corporate events, church and school functions or carnivals. We have had great success with Car Shows, Auctions, Family Fun Day Festivals and many more like that. The midwest is a great place for bounce house rentals, typically we have plenty of notice regarding weather and wind conditions which is not so much the case on the coast where they have winds that gust out of nowhere. We make sure all of our inflatable rentals are well secured to the ground using Sandbags and/or 18 inch long heavy duty stakes, it is our duty to make sure that every party rental item is setup in a secure and safe manner. We do not want anyone getting hurt with our inflatables. Safety is our main focus when we are setting up. Sometimes we will need to setup an inflatable in a certain orrientation to make sure that it is best suitable for the conditions and ground topography. 

Kids always enjoy coming home from school and seeing a giant bouncey house setup in their front yard.  You'll be amazed how many friends your little one has when one of these awesome bounce houses are setup. All the kids come running for thier chance to play on the inflatable bounce that you rented in the Bentonville area. Whether you call them Bounce Houses, Inflatable Jumpy Thing, MoonWalks, Moon Bounces, or that crazy Bouncey Bounce we know what you're talking about, we love them too. Our kids always have so much fun when its cleaning day, they get to come out and powerwash them bounce houses and play and jump while the dry out. These bounces are really impressive to the little ones.  Don't delay getting your party rental settled for spring.  Bounce rentals in Rogers and Fayetteville are going to be such a success next year that we are worried that will have to buy many more Inflatables just to keep up with your demand. We pride ourselves on being able to provide what you are looking for. If you ask about a certian bounce house and we do not have it, we will keep a note of which ones are in highest demand and try to add them to our bounce house rental inventory for your area in Northwest Arkansas NWA. Dads are amazed at how well bounce houses can create a perfect distraction for the kids at a party so the parents can have fun without all the kids needing so much attention.  Bounce houses are great for watching the Razorback Game as well. They keep the kids entertained and out of your hair for the duration. Please get on and make your reservation for your bounce house inflatable rental party today in Rogers, Bentonville, Fayetteville, Springdale, Gravette and all of the other towns in the NWA area.

If renting more than one inflatable for your event, use coupon code PACKAGE2 during checkout!

Rainouts: Cancellations for weather can be made only in the 24 hours before your event for raincheck or refund. Cancellations for other reasons there is no refund of DEPOSIT amount.  Once we´ve set up, we do not give refunds for any reason including weather.  Please see the FAQ and Policies pages on our web site.